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229 North Fourth Avenue West
Duluth,  MN  55806
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Thunderbird-Wren Halfway House Is……………

 A 21-bed transitional living facility for chemically dependent American Indian men and women, 16 years of age and older.  There are two separate living areas in our halfway house.  The Thunderbird unit has 12 beds for men and the Wren unit has 9 beds for women.  Each unit has their own social area.

 The Thunderbird-Wren Halfway House provides a chemically-free, supportive home environment.  A structured in-house program is offered with the following components:

·        Problem Assessment and Treatment Planning

·        Life-Skills Assessment and Development of Independent Living Skills

·        Individual and Group Counseling

·        Cultural/Traditional Experience

·        Educational and Vocational Counseling

·        Introduction to Co-Dependency and Adult Children of Alcoholics Issues

·        Aftercare Planning and Referral

Thunderbird-Wren House provides opportunities and encourages each client to investigate American Indian cultural/spiritual experiences which are geared toward their individual needs.

To Be Admitted……………

Prior to admission, the applicant is responsible for meeting certain requirements which are listed in the application packet.

MIPRTC, Inc.……………

Minnesota Indian Primary Residential Treatment Center, Inc. (MIPRTC, Inc.), is an American Indian owned organization incorporated to offer comprehensive services for various aspects of chemical dependency and alcoholism. Thunderbird-Wren House is a part of MIPRTC, Inc., which is an umbrella organization for two Indian owned and operated facilities located in or near the Duluth area. This also includes the Mash-ka-wisen Treatment Center, which is located on the Fond du Lac Reservation in the Sawyer community.

MIPRTC, Inc. is an Affirmative Action/Equal Opportunity Employer.

Medical Care.……………

Routine medical care may be available through the Min-no-aya-win Clinic located on the Fond du Lac Reservation or the Center for American Indian Resources (CAIR) in Duluth for enrolled members of U.S. recognized tribes.  Each client must have a physical within 30 days of entering our halfway house – either with their own physician or at the clinic of our choice.  Psychiatric and psychological assessment is available as needed, and emergency needs are covered through agreements with local health care providers.

Per Diem Rates.……………

Include routine medical services, psychiatric and psychological evaluations as needed, family program participation, board, lodging and all other routine program costs.


The Thunderbird-Wren Halfway House is licensed as a Supervised Living Facility (under Rule #35) by the Minnesota Department of Public Health.

Thunderbird-Wren Is Located.……………

In the city of Duluth, Minnesota which is approximately 2 ½ hours north of the Twin Cities.


Are invited, either from service providers or individuals. Write or call:

Thunderbird-Wren Halfway House
229 North Fourth Avenue West
Duluth,  Minnesota  55806

(218) 727-7699  Thunderbird
(218) 722-2703  Wren
(218) 727-1476  Fax


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