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Adult Inpatient Treatment Program


The Mash-ka-wisen Treatment Center provides inpatient treatment services to Native Americans who are suffering from alcohol and/or drug abuse addictions. The program takes an eclectic approach to meeting the client’s needs to maintain sobriety.  Clients are given opportunities to learn about their addiction and the recovery process.  Clients are also invited to explore Native American Culture and Tradition through the use of traditional practices and ceremonies.  Other services that are available for clients are nursing and psychological services as needed.


The program is typically a thirty day program.  An extended program is available for those clients who need more time to address their addiction.  Mash-ka-wisen is dedicated to assisting our clients in entering a life of recovery.  We take our responsibilities very seriously and our staff is dedicated to providing the best available services to support clients in developing a life of recovery.



Adolescent Inpatient Treatment Program


          The adolescent program provides treatment services for Native American youth ages 13-17 years old.  The program is a minimum of 45 days and focuses on educating the client on the harmful consequences of their chemical use, the addiction process, recovery, life skills and taking pride in being an Indian person.  Our program also provides four hours of school five days a week while the client is in treatment.  Clients are also asked to develop a re-entry plan before their graduation from treatment.


Our treatment programs include:


·        Individual Assessment:  Each client is assessed upon admission to determine the level of care necessary to assist them in entering recovery.  This assessment is a comprehensive look at the affects of chemicals in all life areas and identifying problem areas to be addressed.  The information is used to assist staff in developing a treatment plan in conjunction with the client. 

·        Individual Treatment Plans:  The counseling team works with the primary counselor in developing an individual treatment plan to assist the client in their recovery efforts.  The individual treatment plan is adjusted as needed to meet the needs of the client during their treatment stay.

·        Treatment Program:  Mash-ka-wisen has developed a basic treatment program to compliment the individual plan.  This program consists of group therapy, lectures, self directed study time and exposure to Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous.  We take a holistic approach to treatment incorporating the Twelve Steps of Alcoholics Anonymous, current understanding of addiction, mental health services and the use of Native American Tradition and Culture.  Clients are invited to participate in numerous ceremonies and rituals during their treatment stay.

·        Nursing Services:  Nursing services are available to all clients including basic intake requirements.  Nursing services will monitor medications and general health concerns.  Medical services beyond typical nursing services will be arranged through the nursing department.

·        Mental Health Services:  Mental health services are provided on an “as needed” basis.  These services are provided by a licensed psychologist and a psychiatrist.  Referrals are made through the counseling staff based on testing and observation.  It is important to note that our programs are not dual diagnosis programs, however, we frequently admit clients diagnosed with a mental health issue. A client with a mental health diagnosis must have been evaluated by a qualified mental health professional, must be taking any prescribed medications as directed and a mental health profession must verify in writing prior to admission that the client is stable for chemical dependency treatment.


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